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Whenever we dream of building a home in Taunton or an office we always think of making it strong and durable. Well the strength of your home lies in its foundation on which the walls are raised. A good concrete foundation is an essential building block for any project be it home or office. In urban areas concrete is the preferred choice for construction projects being strong and suitable for all seasons. For your project in Taunton area, hiring the best concrete foundation contractors is going to be the right investment for having a strong foundation that is durable and lasts over years.

Concrete is easily available, can be waterproofed and makes a smart choice for homes and offices be it cold climates or warm. If you live in an area like Taunton, MA where it snows, you need to have a concrete foundation to keep your homes safe and weather proof. The concrete slabs also require maintenance and waterproofing coats so it is better to go for local contractors that are readily accessible.

The Benefits Of Foundation Offered By Our Concrete Foundation Contractors

Concrete is resistant to decay and does not rot due to which virtually no maintenance is required once the concrete is poured. As compared to blocks, concrete foundations have longer life spans. Homeowners will hardly face any warranty issues in case of concrete foundations, unlike other foundations with high maintenance and customer complaints.

Concrete foundation protects your home from shifts in soil, changes in ground level and also provides fire protection to your home. If you are going for a basement, concrete provides additional strengths and prevents leakages and water problems. Concrete walls are very strong providing homes with additional firmness and resilience. Due to its durability and longevity it is one of the most popular choices of constructors and homeowners.

The poured concrete exceeds the stated safety factor and has an exceptional amount of flexural and compressive strength. Concrete walls are very stable and do not move with shifts in the soil beneath making them perfect for long term construction projects. Protection from water damage and fire damage is necessary to reduce your insurance and maintenance costs in the long term. With less time spent over maintenance of your foundation and walls, you will have more time at expense for spending with your loved ones.

Now it can be a bit confusing to choose the type of foundation for your home, so here is our guide on types of concrete foundation you can choose from for your home or office.

Concrete Foundation Types


The T-shaped foundation is one of the old school methods and is suitable in areas like Taunton where there are thick snows and ground freezes. In this technique the footing is initially placed beneath the frost line and then walls are added on the top. The footing tends to be wider than the walls and provides the much needed extra support. After the walls are constructed the slab is poured and your foundation is ready.

Slab On Grade

The slab on grade foundation consists of a single slab that is several layers thick and is poured in such a way that its thicker on the outer edges using reinforced rods and making an integral footing. The slab is placed on a layer of crushed gravel to facilitate drainage. In order to reduce the chances of concrete cracking, wire mesh is placed within. This type of foundation is useful for areas where ground does not freeze but for colder climates you can always use insulation and avoid frosting of the slab.

Frost Protected

Designed specifically for areas with cold weather conditions, this type of concrete foundation consists of slab sandwiched between two layers of insulation. One layer is placed at the bottom of the foundation above the layer of gravel to prevent ground from frosting and the other is outside the foundation. The heat from both insulation layers keeps the ground temperatures above the freezing temperature.

Our Concrete Foundation Contractors Services

All our contractors at Taunton Concrete Contractor are perfectly skilled and will provide you efficient service so that you complete your construction projects on time. They will recommend suitable foundation types, supply good quality certified materials and give primary quotations. Our contractors also work on remodeling projects along with fresh projects and provide regular maintenance and repair services to keep your home uptight. A good foundation and waterproofing can save you from bad weather and reduce your insurance costs.

Our concrete contractors Taunton MA follow all the necessary safety procedures while working on site and will cause no discomfort to your surroundings. You can completely trust them and we guarantee you good quality service with timely completion. You do not have to monitor or supervise them as they are highly professional and experts in their field.

We know concrete is expensive and a big investment for homeowners that’s why our contractors will help you to get best prices in the market for raw materials. We also provide waterproofing services that prevent your walls from leakages and damage by water problems, our contractors will help you to detect possible leakages and plug them before they cause any harm. It is important to have a waterproof wall and foundation to keep your home strong and firm and will help you to reduce the insurance costs in times of floods or storms.

Being a locally owned business with years of experience in concrete foundation services we provide a customer centric service to all our clients and are known for our trained and skilled concrete contractors which are best in the Taunton area. We provide concrete foundation services for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Be it a small home or large commercial building we provide concrete foundations for all sizes and scales. We do concrete foundation installation, sealing,waterproofing, and repair.

Taunton Concrete Contractor services are available on call to all clients in Taunton and surrounding metropolitan areas, Our contractors pride themselves in timely completion, providing best quotes available in the market and in a friendly affordable service. So just give us a call at (774) 367-3040 for getting a quote for your project, we provide prompt service and immediate initial response on the same day you contact us. We are sure our contractors will help you in making your dream project come true.

Taunton Concrete Contractor hopes this guide helps you to choose the right type of concrete foundation and gets your construction project completed on time.