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Taunton Concrete Commercial Contractors

Taunton Concrete Contractor is one of the leading full-service commercial concrete contractors in and around Taunton, Massachusetts. For many years, we have been providing the Taunton and surrounding areas with high-quality commercial concrete services, whether it’s for a large scale infrastructure development or a small commercial construction project. We understand that time is money, and Taunton Concrete Contractor is the service provider you can trust to complete your concrete projects on time and within budget.

We understand that commercial concrete projects are multiphase and multifaceted ventures that require close attention to detail. We are able to offer assistance during all the stages of the design and construction process, from budgeting and product sourcing to planning and delicate finish work. Our main goal for every project we oversee is to ensure it goes as seamlessly and smoothly as possible while ensuring we complete it on time and on budget.

At Taunton Concrete Contractor we have the knowledge, expertise, experience, skillsets and tools to achieve this. We only work and partner with industry-leading concrete contractors Taunton who are the best in their trades. Our team comprises of professionals who are well-trained, certified, highly skilled and motivated.

At the heart of our business is high-quality workmanship, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We ensure that we observe safety, time and cleanliness during all the phases of our work. On-time and well-organized services mean that we try our best not to inconvenience the people using your commercial property leaving it in a much better state than we found it.

Our Commercial Concrete Contractors Services

Concrete Foundations

The foundation of any construction is the most important structural element since it holds everything together in position. As such, it is vital that the foundation of any building meets the expected standards and is up to the mark. That is why we are here.

Concrete is the best choice for strong and highly durable foundations. At Taunton Concrete Contractor, we provide concrete foundation services for all types of commercial construction projects. Some of the types of concrete foundations we install include:

T-Shaped Foundation

This is the most commonly installed concrete foundation type in areas where the temperatures may fall below freezing. Here the footing size is larger than the wall in order to provide a stronger and more stable base. We offer reliable installation of T-shaped foundations in Taunton.

Raft Foundation

A Raft foundation is among the strongest types of concrete foundations. We install a poured concrete slab to support the entire weight of the structure. Our professionals have years of experience installing raft foundations for different types of structures.

Slab On Grade Foundation

In this foundation type, we pour the concrete directly on gravel to provide a firm base. We take all the necessary measures to efficiently lay down the concrete base such that it can support any kind of load.

Our range of concrete foundation services includes foundation installation, foundation waterproofing and sealing as well as foundation repair.

Concrete Wall Repair

If you have a concrete wall in your commercial property that is damaged or ageing, Taunton Concrete Contractor can help you repair and restore it. Our concrete repair services will ensure that your walls are stronger than they were before.

We offer repair for exterior shotcrete and cracks for short walls and crumbling foundations. We can help you repair basement floors, sidewalls, driveways, garage floors, or any other locations around your commercial property.

Damaged concrete is very unsightly, affecting your property’s curb appeal. More importantly, it can be a sign of structural problems that if left unchecked, can compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. Our concrete experts have the expertise needed to inspect and evaluate the extent of the damage and provide the best solution.

Concrete Paving

When you need that rich and luxurious look for your driveways, walkways, courtyards and patios, leave it to our expert stampers to afford you the best concrete paving services in Taunton. We have stamped concrete for many businesses and high-end clients in the Taunton areas, and are sure to provide your premises with the extra style you may be looking for.

We install a base of hard-packed gravel under all our concrete pours to improve durability and strength. We recognize that your concrete paving needs are not only for convenience and added value but also for aesthetics. We also offer decorative, patterned or imprinted concrete paving that can resemble slate, brick, tiles, stone and even wood.

Concrete Finishing

The concrete surfaces on your property have to be flat and level for optimal functionality. They may also require decorative touches for a more attractive look. You may need to define foot traffic lanes, compensate for shrinkage or define traffic spots on your commercial property.

At, Taunton Concrete Contractor, we provide the full range of concrete finishing services to ensure your slabs are finished to satisfactory specifications. The services include concrete slab and joint repair, parking lot finishes, surface hardened slabs, topping slabs, defined traffic slabs and more.

The professional team at Taunton Concrete Contractor is highly dedicated and always strives to avail the highest degree of craftsmanship in every commercial project we take on, big or small. Our extensive concrete project portfolio speaks for itself. You are free to evaluate us based on our track record.

In the past, Taunton Concrete Contractor has offered commercial concrete services to numerous commercial projects in and around the Taunton area. We have positioned ourselves as one of the best local concrete contractors. Dozens of satisfied clients who can recommend us any day is a testament to this.

Our skills, talents and knowledge of concrete are the qualities we bring to offer you the best concrete services in Taunton, MA. We are willing and open to work and communicate with you on all aspects of your commercial concrete projects so that we ensure all your needs are met.

Why Choose Our Taunton Commercial Concrete Contractors?

  • We have extensive experience in the concrete industry.
  • High-quality workmanship that ensures satisfactory projects.
  • Our workers are well-trained, certified and experienced.
  • We complete projects on-time and within budget.
  • We partner with industry-leading contractors.
  • We only use top-quality products and materials.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed we stand by our work.

The best foundation for any commercial project is a reliable and dependable contractor. Feel free to call us today at (774) 367-3040 for your commercial concrete projects or to learn more about the services offered by Taunton Concrete Contractor.